Play Piano Better NOW

Play Piano Better NOW, Piano Book

Play Piano Better NOW is a comprehensive guide for understanding the technical concepts that govern how we play the piano. Whether it’s octaves, scales, arpeggios, or even fast passagework – any challenge can be overcome with an awareness of how technique works. When we learn to use our body in a natural way and use the right tool for the job, we can begin to play effortlessly and with total confidence, becoming the pianist we were always meant to be.


Do you ever feel like you’ve hit a wall with your current abilities at the piano?

Are you putting in the necessary practice time, but not seeing results?

Have you ever wondered if good piano technique is just a rare gift that some
pianists are blessed with while others are not?

Practice can be a rewarding experience when the progress is steady and consistent. But what happens when it isn’t? Without an understanding of how a technical challenge is solved, a pianist can easily get lost in their own way of doing things. The results can be unreliable, inconsistent – and downright discouraging.

Here’s the good news:
1. There’s no mystery to playing the piano.
2. The principles are not hard to learn.
3. When you understand how something is done, you shorten the distance between your current ability and complete Mastery.

Technique is an essential tool for musical expression. Being free at the piano means playing without inhibition or self-defeating inner dialogue. It means being unlimited in the ability to tell a musical story without worrying about the part that comes next. It means understanding how piano technique works.

Let Play Piano Better NOW be your guide toward becoming the best pianist you can be!