Concerto for Harp

Orchestration: (1-1-1-1, 2 hrns, timp. + 2 perc., strings)
Duration: 24 minutes

First Movement:

Second and Third Movements:


The Concerto for Harp is a three-movement work for harp and chamber orchestra incorporating both traditional and non-traditional harp playing techniques. It features colorful textures and lots of rhythmic interest.

“In every harp piece, there are two compositions: the one we hear (the music and notes) and the one we don’t (the complex configuration of pedal changes and enharmonic spellings that make the work idiomatic for the harp.) Coming up with interesting musical ideas is challenging enough, but when writing for the harp, a composer also has to invent a performance scheme that makes those ideas playable. This is a bit like writing a novel and playing a game of chess – all at the same time.

In writing the Concerto for Harp, I deliberately avoided the typical showy clichés. More than anything, I’ve tried to create an interesting piece of music for harp and orchestra.” — Mark Koval